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Brand: Toro
Toro Micro Froth Ashcatcher Small Male Joints 90° Angle Fits into Female Ground Joint Froth Percolator Mico Fat Can Black Toro Decal ..
Brand: JM Flow
JM Flow Cross Perc Ash Catcher Small 19mm Male Joint 90° Angle Fits into a 19mm Female Downstem Joint 19mm Bowl Size Cross Percolator Cylinder Shaped JM Flow Logo Colour may vary Clear ..
Brand: Grav Labs
Grav Labs Helix Bong Attachment Small 14mm Male Joint Fits into 14mm Female Downstem Joint 14mm Bowl Joint Size Creates a Helix Design with Your Smoke! Colour may vary ..
14mm Inline to Tree Perc Ashcatcher w/Bowl Large 14mm Male Joint 45° Angle Fits into 14mm /Female Downstem Joint 14mm Bowl Joint Size Inline Percolator to Tree Percolator Double Percolated Ashcatcher Reversal Colours on Bowl Inter..
Brand: Hoss
Hoss Triple Inline Ash Catcher, Sandblasted Glass UNSURE OF HEIGHT colour- Clear Sandblasted Mouth piece – Small & Removable 19mm Ground Joint 19mm Glass on Glass Bowl ..
Brand: Hoss
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Hoss Donut Inline Ashcatcher   Height: 4.5″ Inches / 11.4 cm Joint Size:  19mm   Stem Length: 10 cm Width at Base: 5″ Inches / 12.7 cm ..
Brand: Hoss
Hoss Ash Catcher with 29mm Downstem Joint Medium Available in 14mm or 19mm Male Joint 45° Angle Fits into 14mm or 19mm Female Downstem Joint 29mm Downstem Insert Size Available in Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Red ..
Brand: Hoss
Hoss 6 Arm Ash Catcher/Bubbler Glass Unsure of Height colour- Clear Can be assembled as a Ash Catcher or Bubbler Small Mouthpiece – Removeable Available in 14mm & 19mm Joint Sizes Available..
Brand: Hoss
45 mm 6 – Arm Downstem Diffuser Joint Size: 45 mm Male Downstem, with 19 mm Bowl Length: 8″ Inches / 20.3 cm Tube Diameter: ~ 36 mm Colors Available: Amber – Black – Blue – Clear – Green Includes:  (1) Y612A – 6-Arm 45mm Downstem Dif..

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